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Could it be? Russell Lissack shows off 'The Angel Range' CD on Twitter..




This could very well be Russell Lissack trolling his beloved Bloc Party fan community, but he tweeted the picture with the teasing caption, “Any offers?”

Plenty of them. Already has had a barrage of fans offering him a price. Does “Lovelife” seem like a legitimate title to an Angel Range…

Don’t tug on my heartstrings like this Russell, say it’s true please Russ, say it’s true

souless troll!

New Kele Interview with Altsounds!


Kele Okereke gave Altsounds an interesting interview on his evolution as a musician, the meaning behind the name of his new EP, ‘Candy Flip, what the best/worst songs he’s ever written are, and a lot more.


Kele on other indie rock bands: “I think the issue for me was I didn’t really want…

'I guess I wish we hadn't released ‘I Still Remember’ from our second record. I liked the idea, I liked the imagery, I just don't think it was a very good song. We don't really play it now, and we haven't really played it for a while. That sort of thing always changes. Maybe I'll hear it one day and it will apply to the situation I'm in, it always changes. Maybe one day it won't seem so distant. There’s been a lot of songs in the past that I've not been into, that you hear again, and it takes you somewhere else. There was that song ‘Kreuzberg’, that I always liked, but I don't think we nailed the recording. We kind of switched up the arrangement, and we started playing it again on our last tour, and that’s the beauty of music – you can always mix it up and interpret an old idea, and make it make sense in your current catalogue of music. I don't really feel regret that often. I think that should be our challenge, to re-work ‘I Still Remember’. I really like the lyrics, and the feel, and what it’s about, but I don't think the delivery kind of worked. Anyway!'


Wait, I just wanna point out that I love how the font is the Bloc Party font. =O

Actually, it is and it isn’t. Bloc Party’s classic typeface is Gill Sans and this is Johnston. You can see the little difference in the ‘R’ leg. In fairness, Gill Sans was designed by Eric Gill who was Edward Johnston’s student and was inspired by his mentor. Johnston’s typeface is used in the London Underground and there is a variation licensed by the London Transport Museum, P22 if I recall correctly. I’d dare to say that Bloc Party went for Gill Sans because they wanted their logo to resemble as much as possible the London Underground typeface, without infringing copyrights of some sort. Good observation though!


Flux - Live at 2007 XFM Winter Wonderland Festival

I was going to originally toss this after I was done messing with it, but decided I’ll uploaded it here before I throw it away.  This is live, Bloc Party, playing Flux, live at 2007 XFM Winter Wonderland Festival (2007-12-09, 2007 Dec. 09, at the Brixton Academy, Brixton, UK)

The download will only be up for a week from today, grab it while you can.

(Feel free to reblog for others to see while it’s still up)

Enjoy Blocheads.

~ We were hoping for some romance
All we found was more despair
We must talk about our problems
We are in a state of flux ~

ultimate thnx

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